Colours of the Sunflower meets Alice in Wonderland plus other friends

“Sunflower Surprise” floral display which was not exactly a surprise as already expected various types and colours of the sunflowers.  The surprise for me was the Alice in Wonderland themed cacti/plants section tucked away in a corner (turn right after entering the dome).

Also not a surprise when there are signs clearly say “Please do not to touch the flowers” and yet there were those idiots who simply chose to ignore and hogged the space.

The display will be on till 21 October 2018.

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Off Day Bliss


Off day bliss (plus self rewarding) after early week madness plus frequent visits from Murphy on set-up and event days for client’s booth at a conference (a story for another day).

Been wanting to try the Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice-Cream (highly recommended by friends) and waffle at Sunday Folks.  Generous serving of ice-cream which is not too sweet and the pairing of fresh strawberries, roasted hazelnuts and almond thins works well…based on my taste.  Created my own waffle ($14) instead of choosing from their Signature Sea Salt Gula Melaka menu which is Gula Melaka (plus sugar) overload.

Loves the cafe ambience and it is a great place to chill especially when everyone else is working.  However, will not intentionally go there unless it is one of those rare days when I feel like exploring Holland Village.

When it comes to ice-cream, Overrun is still my favourite.  Yes, it is of a different flavour but I prefer the texture and creaminess of Overrun ice-cream and to date it has yet to fail me.  On waffles, for now still prefers Gelare.  Although kind of liked the waffles at  Wimbly Lu (My Village outlet) – but only took a bite from friend’s, so can’t conclude for sure at the moment.

Different people have different taste buds and the above are based on mine.

And that book, its a story for another day as well.

17 Years Later – Feels Like Homecoming

A walk down memory lane. Spent 3.5 years here and met a crazy bunch of peeps from various specialization and batch, some became and till now are my closest friends. Why 3.5 years instead of 3?  Because I am a forward module student (flunk Economics with flying colours at both first sitting and also the subsequent supplementary paper).  Before the end of each semester break came back to school and arrange own timetable – making sure that friends are in the same class (forward module students were always frowned upon by the “normal” students). Coming from ITE plus working a year before able to enroll, makes it rather interesting and equally challenging to mix with the slightly younger peers (a case of raging hormones, dramas and lots of different “frequencies”). Lots of pimples and frustration (and almost killing each other) from group projects but at the end, we still survived in one piece. Best of all, just chilling at the Port skipping lectures during final year because we can (attendance at that time was not compulsory) and also park ourselves at the media/computer room just to ICQ or watch videos like Dead Poets Society 😆. Oh good times…

Never ever thought that I’ll be back 17 years later for client’s set-up/event. A lot has changed and finally they renovated the L2 T21 female toilet…