Who Am I?

Taken at 6 Shenton Way OUE Downtown 1 on Xperia Z3 Compact


Who Am I? Here are random things about me…

Bored easily, always looking and searching for something new thus have a habit of juggling few things at the same time.  I do have a full time day job but I do freelance projects/events on the side.  Freelance work mainly as Artist Liaison Officer (ALO) at music festivals, Singapore Grand Prix and backstage crew (stage manager or asst stage manager) at cultural events. If interested to know more or need extra hands at a gig, feel free to drop me a message.

Started dancing when I was 8.  No formal training, joined the Malay cultural group and that developed my interests in the performing arts.  Stopped dancing for 14 years and put back my dancing shoes in 2014, performed in an outdoor contemporary dance showcase which is totally out of my element.  Went back to where I started when I took part in Chingay 2015 Malay Cultural contingent performing a sequence of Dikir Barat, Malay Dance and playing the marwas (Middle Eastern hand drum). The itch to perform still lingers and always open for other projects (did mention that I am always looking and searching for something new, right?)

Have a thing for sunrise and sunset with quite a number of collections to date

Strong believer in DIY gifts – nothing beats a gift from the heart made from scratch.

Loves to travel to indulge in various culture, food, surroundings and best of all the people

Loves the beach…I can spend the whole day sitting at the beach staring blankly at the sea or the sky (of course any cool surfer dudes surfing are a plus). This also includes exploring underwater while snorkeling.  Yet to try diving though.

Amazed by peoples’ behaviour (good and bad).

Believes in the power of observation and art of listening.

Have a good relationship with my TV – apart from books, you can learn a lot from TV. Crime / legal / family / life /documentaries shows are favourites. But this does not mean I am a couch potato…

Eclectic when it comes to music but Latin music always makes me want to groove

Have a philosophy of 3 – i said once, twice and if I said the same thing for the third time, there is no turning back

Loves taking pictures but yet to sign up for a photography class.  Still exploring my Nikon D5000 despite owning it since 2009, still exploring my Nikon AW100 despite owning it since 2013 and now exploring my Xperia Z3 Compact

My crooked front tooth is my trademark and have no plans on putting on braces (plus I hate going to the dentist!)

Facing the consequences of being too active in sports during my school days.  The number of injuries I had do not stop me from still wanting to try activities like white water rafting (done that), tandem sky diving, paragliding, hiking etc #YOLO.  Bungee jumping is unfortunately definitely off the list.

I have weight problems all of my adult life and was obese.  Had always been a stress/emotional eater despite being very active.  When I almost lost the ability to walk properly and in excruciating pain in Sept 2013, gave myself an ultimatum to change my lifestyle.  This is also thanks to my osteopath whose constant nagging and eventually said something that woke me up (and also to prove him wrong).  Lost about 22kg since 2014 with help of my wonderful trainers at IFCPT.  This journey continues as temptations are aplenty especially during stressful/emotional days…


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