A Beautiful Morning from ION Sky

Fortunate to be at ION Sky this morning to catch this beautiful sunrise and view after the rain for client’s media launch for their upcoming Christmas promotion.

Admission ticket is redeemable via ION mobile app for every $20 spent.

Spending $20 to catch the sunset?  I think it may be worth it as well.



Colours of the Sunflower meets Alice in Wonderland plus other friends

“Sunflower Surprise” floral display which was not exactly a surprise as already expected various types and colours of the sunflowers.  The surprise for me was the Alice in Wonderland themed cacti/plants section tucked away in a corner (turn right after entering the dome).

Also not a surprise when there are signs clearly say “Please do not to touch the flowers” and yet there were those idiots who simply chose to ignore and hogged the space.

The display will be on till 21 October 2018.

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Blessings on 1 Jan 2018

Showers of blessings to usher in the New Year. 2017 has been a year of roller coaster full of challenges plus emotions, a decision to move into the unknown and the best of all, experiences that I had gained through various opportunities. I am forever grateful to the continuous trust and faith. Going to face 2018 fully head on, come what may (even though its a milestone year 😭). May 2018 brings much joy, happiness, health and wealth to all!