A Faith. A Crash Course.

When I was asked by NADI Singapura Co-Founder & Artistic Director, RidUan Zalani to be part of Faith in Fatih in August, I thought I would be doing my usual stage management role as per previous productions. Never have I expected that I will be asked to be on stage alongside the talented brothers & sisters of NADI Singapura.

Despite being onstage numerous times for dance showcase, theatre or even monologue couldn’t prepare me for this – a totally different ballgame. This is a crash course like no other as I have little percussion/music background.  To play six traditional drums/instruments on stage plus learning 13 songs without any score/notes – nerve wrecking is an understatement.

The faith and trust by RidUan came at a much needed time.  A time when I was doing a lot of self-reflections plus battling with my own demons.  The fear of not being able to catch-up and/or perform lingered at the back of my head till the day we bumped-in at Gateway Theatre.

Words are not enough to express my gratitude to each NADI Singapura members.  Their patience, guidance, special session and video recordings of rehearsals helped tremendously.  Their dedication, friendship and support to one another are admirable.

A lot of time, effort, dedication and sacrifice took place behind the scenes.  And it doesn’t end after the curtain call.  The same people who played and entertained the audience on 15 Dec at the concert, were the ones who have to tear down and pack the instruments back to level 3 of Aliwal Arts Centre (with no lift!).

The full Faith in Fatih show (musical) will be in end June 2019.

Photos & videos: Nadi Singapura, family & friends of performers and/or audience

Faith in Fatih - Final Run and ChecksFaith in FatihFaith in Fatih - Cast & CrewFaith in Fatih - Cast & Crew

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