The Tell-A-Tale of Faith in Fatih

10 days till the full concert. These are just snippets of the instruments and talents on one stage for one night only. Honoured to be on stage with these talented individuals from Nadi Singapura instead of my usual stage management duties. The concert will showcase various traditional Malayan drums/instruments and will feature upcoming talented guest artistes:

1) Rose Handayani of Gamelan Asmaradana will be singing and playing the kecapi
2) Alhafiz Jamat and Ismahairie Putra Ishak of Orkestar Trio will be playing various flutes/wind instruments and violin plus oud respectively
3) Din Safari, a veteran bassist
4) Aidil Akmal, a singer, songwriter & musician who will be playing the harmonium and accordion
5) Shahirah Saad, a talented Malay traditional music singer

The Tell-A-Tale of Faith in Fatih
15 Dec | Gateway Theatre | 8pm
$25 and $20 excluding $2 ticketing fee

Sypnosis and details of the show can be found on the link:

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