Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen

Just like any other newly Halal certified restaurant, the queue at Ichikokudo was long and the waiting time on this Saturday night was about 30 minutes.  I made reservations and recommend to do so especially if you are planning to go there on weekends and/or with big groups.  Noticed that they are also shorthanded which does not help with the weekend dining crowd.

Was looking forward to the meal especially after reading rave reviews (most times I would read it with a pinch of salt until I tried it for myself) but my friend, R and I were fairly disappointed with our meals.


The Ichi-Beef Ramen ($12.90) was very oily and the texture of the ramen is not as smooth as the ramen from The Ramen Stall.  I am aware that the type/recipe of ramen from both stalls are different but for now preference is still from The Ramen Stall.

The oil from the thick broth made me feel rather sick that I was searching for something sour immediately after the meal (managed to find/buy a scoop of Yuzu ice-cream and it helps alot).


The Hokkai Jigoku Smoked Duck ($15.90) broth was not as oily as mine and it was not as spicy as we thought it would be.  The noodle does not taste or looks like ramen but more towards yellow mee.


Decided to try the boiled Gyoza instead of the fried version and it was tasty without any ‘doughy’ after taste.  Out of the four items that I tried, I really liked the Japanese Garlic Karaage.  Very crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside plus the garlic sauce is not too strong and goes very well with the freshly fried garlic.

I wouldn’t want to cross out Ichikokudo just yet as I am still curious and want to try their tomato based broth, don and teishoku.

Till the next time.

Disclaimer: Just like art, food is very subjective.  The opinions above are solely mine and it is up to individuals to agree or disagree.  But only disagree after you had experienced it for yourself.

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