Of Durian Chendol Ice-Cream & Cakes

When in Arab Street:

(1) Always hard to resist temptations.
(2) Always spoilt for choice – from traditional desserts at Hjh Maimumah, to artisanal breads and pastries at Konditori, to various shops/cafes selling various flavours of ice-creams and cakes.
(3) And of course, needless to say, the aplenty halal cuisines ranging from Malay Nasi Padang, Indian (Zam Zam murtabak is all time favourite), Mexican (Afterwit, which I have yet to try), Vietnamese, ramen, dim sum (The Ramen Stall and The Dim Sum Place respectively which both have yet to disappoint, in my opinion) to whole lot of hipster cafes.

And yet, thanks to the humid weather on this Saturday afternoon, this heart craves for Overrun Durian Chendol ($8).  Look at that…it does taste as good as it looks.  Had it many times prior and yet to disappoint.  The flavour of the day was Thai Milk Tea ($8), but this still steals my heart.


While waiting for the delicious Durian Chendol to be made (there were four orders ahead of mine), decided to check out Julie Bakes which has been awhile since I bought their cakes.  I think they are now focusing on slice cakes rather than cupcakes as the range of cupcakes were limited.  Unless of course the majority has been sold as I was there around 2+pm. Out of the range that were on display, only these two I have yet to try.

Both the Cookie Dough ($8) and the Chocolate Mint ($8.50) uses dark chocolate (yum!). The cakes are still as moist and light (that’s why the Cookie Dough toppled, or perhaps it was sliced too thinly).  The  mint in the Chocolate Mint cake was not overpowering (trust me, I’ve tasted a cake that tasted like a toothpaste before).  And best of all the cakes are not sweet.

To be honest, if I have not been to Julie Bakes or tried their cupcakes or cakes before, I would and could get turned off when I saw the cakes on display.  It does not look as appetising/appealing/clean as when I had first walked into the shop.  Luckily, it tasted as good and I am going to use the ‘looks could be deceiving’ cards here.


I did stop by Mother Dough as been wanting to check it out and been reading a lot of positive reviews from various websites.  I like the concept of the bakery but the range of items on display was not as appealing as other bakeries that I have been to.  It also does not have a ‘bakery smell’ (you know like those freshly baked items smell).  The only thing that caught my eye was the Lemon Pound Slice ($4.50) and decided to try one. Surprisingly the cake was moist and the icing had a nice lemony tang to it.  It would have been a perfect cake if the cake have a bit of lemon zest in it.

Okay, the crave for Overrun was so strong that I had totally forgotten to take a photo of the cake.

It really doesn’t help that for now till early December that I will be at Aliwal for rehearsals for an upcoming show in December.  Really…it really doesn’t help as the desire to stop at my favourite joints is really strong each week.

Lastly, as much as a glutton that I am, all the items above are shared with my family members.

Disclaimer: Just like art, food is very subjective.  The opinions above are solely mine and it is up to individuals to agree or disagree.  But only disagree after you had experienced it for yourself.

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