Off Day Bliss


Off day bliss (plus self rewarding) after early week madness plus frequent visits from Murphy on set-up and event days for client’s booth at a conference (a story for another day).

Been wanting to try the Sea Salt Gula Melaka Ice-Cream (highly recommended by friends) and waffle at Sunday Folks.  Generous serving of ice-cream which is not too sweet and the pairing of fresh strawberries, roasted hazelnuts and almond thins works well…based on my taste.  Created my own waffle ($14) instead of choosing from their Signature Sea Salt Gula Melaka menu which is Gula Melaka (plus sugar) overload.

Loves the cafe ambience and it is a great place to chill especially when everyone else is working.  However, will not intentionally go there unless it is one of those rare days when I feel like exploring Holland Village.

When it comes to ice-cream, Overrun is still my favourite.  Yes, it is of a different flavour but I prefer the texture and creaminess of Overrun ice-cream and to date it has yet to fail me.  On waffles, for now still prefers Gelare.  Although kind of liked the waffles at  Wimbly Lu (My Village outlet) – but only took a bite from friend’s, so can’t conclude for sure at the moment.

Different people have different taste buds and the above are based on mine.

And that book, its a story for another day as well.

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