17 Years Later – Feels Like Homecoming

A walk down memory lane. Spent 3.5 years here and met a crazy bunch of peeps from various specialization and batch, some became and till now are my closest friends. Why 3.5 years instead of 3?  Because I am a forward module student (flunk Economics with flying colours at both first sitting and also the subsequent supplementary paper).  Before the end of each semester break came back to school and arrange own timetable – making sure that friends are in the same class (forward module students were always frowned upon by the “normal” students). Coming from ITE plus working a year before able to enroll, makes it rather interesting and equally challenging to mix with the slightly younger peers (a case of raging hormones, dramas and lots of different “frequencies”). Lots of pimples and frustration (and almost killing each other) from group projects but at the end, we still survived in one piece. Best of all, just chilling at the Port skipping lectures during final year because we can (attendance at that time was not compulsory) and also park ourselves at the media/computer room just to ICQ or watch videos like Dead Poets Society 😆. Oh good times…

Never ever thought that I’ll be back 17 years later for client’s set-up/event. A lot has changed and finally they renovated the L2 T21 female toilet…

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