Professional vs Amateur

Monday thoughts + reflections upon recuperating over the weekend after ‘event’ ful first half of the year…

  1. Observing, listening and learning are important skill sets.
  2. Humility.
  3. Knows the difference between efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Adaptability – templates nor cookie cutter doesn’t cut.
  5. Pro-active & problem solver vs instructions taker. The ability to think on the feet plus experience do play a part.
  6. Knows when to back-off and when to bite.
  7. Intangible costs are pricey.
  8. Speak English not Singlish when working with the business community especially when speaking to those from non-English speaking countries.
  9. No matter how tired or busy, customer service is customer service whether external or internal. When you smile, the whole world will smile with you, when you fart… you stand alone.
  10. Power struggle? Why waste the time and energy plus being counterproductive?

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