Never Forget to Wash Your Hands!

While on the train minding own business reading my book, overheard a conversation between a Lady (L) and her Fiance (F):

L: You want to know why I don’t want her to serve us?
F: Was wondering what was that about.
L: Errr…promise not to laugh or scold, ok?

Silence – he either smiled or made an expression, can’t see from the reflection.

L: She cut my queue in the toilet. There was an empty cubicle…the one you need to squat.
F: Okkay… (he must have made another expression)
L: Yeah, I know…not that I am going to go in there but its just basic manners. She was behind me and been looking at her phone but must’ve noticed the open door through the reflection on the mirror. Didn’t even bother to ask me if I want to go in and went straight ahead with her eyes still on the phone.
F: And? (must have gave another expression)
L: Don’t gimme that look…Would you let her touch our wedding bands if I tell you that she didn’t wash her hands?
F: Ahh… (sounded curious and calm but not so calm, with another expression I reckon). How did you know?
L: Cos she must be laying eggs and came out when I was washing my hands. Eyes still glued on the phone and just walked out of the toilet. Eeeee…
F: And how do you know the manager washed his hands? You know about us men…
L: Crap…think need to sterilise the bands regardless and maybe you
F: A true blue OCD…doubt you want me sterile (took a peek and saw that he gave a grin as wide as Cheshire Cat)

Had to alight and wonders the continuation of the conversation…

Moral of the story:
(1) When in uniform (especially of a high end jewellery store) and wearing your name tag, never ever jump queue even in the toilet. You will never know who is observing and who is your potential or existing customer.
(2) Regardless whether you are in uniform or not, its basic hygiene to wash your hands (obviously!).
(3) Eavesdropping can be entertaining and at times brain teaser plus informative.


*Picture taken from the web*

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