On the Side…

Strangely, I had been asked many times for the past few months if I am a full time freelancer. Everytime it came as a surprise when I replied that I am a cubicle rat. Some of the responses or reactions are rather amusing. The standard faq “you don’t behave or dress like one who works full time” or “how do you manage?” or “aren’t you tired after a long day at work” or “you so free & have so much time?” or “what you actually do?” and the best “why?”

I am fortunate enough to have a day job that allows me to dress down daily (it helps because of the occassional manual labour). Power suit and the whole works will only make an appearance when required. Clothes do not define a person or what he/she does. Its the work ethics and being that count.

Each of us are given the same 24 hours. How we manage and split the time is entirely up to us, there is no magic formula. I admit there are challenging times especially when there are conflicting priorities and commitments. There are days that I totally crashed both physically and mentally. When that happens will have to suck it up and make things work cos I am a firm believer of ‘make time’. There is a time for everything, if one wants to. If I can’t commit I’ll say so upfront. There are times when I had to painfully say no to side projects. A little bit of planning does help but Murphy loves to throw a curve ball every now and then. Being flexible and adaptable are key. And most importantly not to kill myself and over-commit.  I am fortunate that I have quite a number of vacation days that I can play around with.  That helps heaps when I need to recover after weekend events.

Knowledge is best learned when it is shared. It is a gift in its own right. If I could extend my help and share what I know, why not? Sharing is a two way learning. I am still learning.

Why I do what I do? Or what it is exactly that I do? Its easier to explain in person over coffee (desserts are more than welcome). But don’t be surprised if it ends up with us having other conversations.  Simply said “do what you love, love what you do”…

And so, last Wednesday night session wraps up side projects and everything non-work related for 2016. The late nights, wee hours, Garfield eyes, sore muscles, bad ankle acting up, swollen knee, bruises on legs, broken shoes, soaked in the rain, melt under the heat and the occasional brain drain were totally worth it, no complains. It has been an unexpected remarkable journey this year.

It is such a blessing to have the continued trust, faith and the constant opportunities from those I had worked with for years.  To those whom I get to know and worked with this year for the first time, it is such a blessing that I had crossed paths with them.

Now its time to hibernate for a bit and recharge before it begin again early Jan. Looking forward to upcoming & more collaboration, exploration, opportunities, pushing limits and continue asking ‘what did I get myself into’ in 2017…

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