Tourist for a Day ~ Colonials

25 Dec 2015 – Out and about with siblings to introduce colonial buildings to nephew and niece.

Former Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
Our first stop.  This former railway station are only open to public on public holidays. Only took a train once when I was very young (hence could not remember much to share my experience).  Went there few years ago to have lunch with colleagues and the stalls there served one of the best selection local foods, and they are quite cheap too.

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
This was not in our plan.  But since we had to alight at the bus stop to walk over to the National Gallery and it is open to public on that day, off we go to explore.  Since it reopened, only watched a musical theatre at the revamped theatre hall.  Loved that the facade and iconic clock tower remained intact and loved what they did with the interior.  The sound system and the seats were definitely much better than it was before.

National Gallery of Singapore
First word that came to mind when I stepped in – HUGE.  It is really HUGE that after a day of walking, we were too tired to explore the whole building.  There are two wings – Supreme Court and City Hall.  For historical aspect, explore the Supreme Court wing (my preference) for the collection of arts, explore the City Hall wing.  I will come back here for sure as did not explore every hook and cranny of the building.

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