See No Evil…

Seeing someone butt naked is not my idea of a great Tuesday morning (unless of course he has a man bun plus abs plus wearing glasses reading a book – well…a girl can still daydream). Do not misjudge the distance between your unit and the train platform. Even though your unit is on the second highest floor and ‘far away’, it does not mean you can towel dry yourself in front of the living room full length window (this somehow reminds me of the ‘ugly naked man’ from Friends).

We always thought that our home is a safe haven and we can do anything or everything without anyone noticing. Little did we realise, someone could accidentally catch us ‘in action’ (like in my case…looked up to see the changing colours of the sky at the wrong time). Do we have the right to do whatever we please as long as we are indoor regardless of the clear view of the outdoor (exhibitionist is a totally different topic). Or do we still have to be cautious?

Oh…please, I don’t want to be getting sore eyes from something that I do not want to see…

 Me See No Evil…

📷: world wide web

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