Treating others…

The Singapore general election will take place on 11 Sept (yes, what an interesting date). Political parties had introduced their candidates in the areas they are contesting.

Interesting that one of the candidates whose party is contesting in my area was the Chief Executive in a statutory board (the one and only and I want to keep as that) that I used to work for.

Attended one of the meet the CE session and in my opinion, he is not one who is relatable to his staff, answers to queries and issues raised then were scripted, politically correct and not much action were taken from the gathered feedback. He is also not known for his social skills with staff and seen only on special occassions. No doubt that was about 9-10 years ago, but if he can’t relate and do much for his staff then, how will he be able to serve the residents should his party win?

Yes, I was just an employee at the bottom of the food chain and he may not know of my existence (which I couldn’t care less). This is not about a disgruntled ex-employee. I am just wondering if any of the candidates even thought of those whom they had crossed paths or worked with before they enter politics or be part of any political party contesting in the election? That whatever their actions, non-actions or how they treat others can and will somehow bite them back? It is human nature to remember the negatives and rarely the positives.

This of course not only applies to the candidates, but us, normal peeps as well in general – treating others, respect, burning bridges, karma, etc.

I just wonder…


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