Did I Do My Best to be Happy?

A question that we should ask ourselves everyday.

We were so consumed with issues, conflicts, dramas that we often forget that we deserve to be happy.

We can always let others, circumstances, situation affect our mood, ruin our day or even mess with our life but is it worth it?  Do we want to live our life with regrets and emotional pain till our deathbed? Should we blame others or it is time to take control?

Everyone deserves to be happy.  It is a no-brainer but one needs to acknowledge that he/she deserves to be happy and to know what makes him/her happy.  Pretending or living vicariously does not lead one to being happy, for sure.  And being told on how to be happy, is not right either.

Merriam-Webster  defines ‘happy’ as feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

What is your definition of ‘happy’?  And most important of all, what makes you happy?


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